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money personalityFind out which of the 5 personalities you most closely resemble.  Each type has positive qualities as well as shortcomings, no one personality is good or bad.

There are no right or wrong answers.  Just be honest with yourself, relax and give it a go.

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Your ‘money personality’ is a behavioural pattern relating to your spending and saving.  At different times in your life, and depending on circumstances, you may see more than one money personality type in yourself and that’s quite natural.

You’ll also probably see a cross over between money personalities as well – in other words, you can show parts of more than one money personality at the same time. There’s no good or bad money personality – they all have benefits and downsides.

And the best news is, it doesn’t define you for life – you can change it.

The original five main money personalities were developed in the 1980’s by Olivia Mellan, a clinical psychologist who specialises in relationship and money issues.

The five money personalities are an Amasser, Spender, Hoarder, Money Monk and an Avoider.

A sixth was developed by Dr Kathleen Gurney, called  Money Mastery.

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