Christmas is over for another year.

Christmas is over for another year, and what a day it was!!

There was no shortage of gifts, food, family and plenty of laughter we all had a great time.

The wrapping papercompress

Now it’s Boxing Day and we have a mountain of packaging from the Xmas gifts to be disposed of.  The fridge is full of left over’s (at least I won’t have to cook for a couple of days) I think we overindulged in both gifts and food as usual.

The Boxing Day sales have started and the shopping malls are packed to capacity causing traffic jams and car park rage.

Going shopping is the last thing I want to do the day after Xmas.  So why do so many people do it?  Is it the lure of a bargain? Or just something to do to fill in the day.

Unless you have a plan and are looking for something specific the sales are just another enticement to overspend and buy more ‘stuff’ that you probably don’t need, and may not be able to afford. Continue reading


Christmas Shopping – Try a different approach

Only two days until Xmas.  For Kiwi’s it’s the start of our summer holidays.  There is always the mad rush to finish work for the year, as well as  getting the Christmas shopping done.

Xmas gifts compressThen of course there is the food for the day to organise, whose house are we going to and what is the weather going to be like.

After all rushing arround many of us head off to our favourite holiday spot, battle the other holiday makers in the traffic for a bit of rest and recreation in the sun.

I love shopping!!  So for me Christmas shopping isn’t a chore.  It’s an event that requires planning and usually starts in October and runs right up until Xmas Eve.  I always seem to find that little extra something for someone in the family and OK, sometimes for myself as well.  Whilst this is all great fun, it does tend to blow the Xmas shopping budget, so this year I resolved to do things differently. Continue reading