Money or Time?

Quite a dilemma isn’t it.  We work hard to earn the money to give us the good things in life but then we don’t have the time to enjoy them because we are working too hard.  Bit of a chicken and egg scenario.

clock compressed

When we think about what we are trading (or compromising) for money, time tends to be the first thing that pops into our head.  The 40hr working week that our forebears fought so hard to get seems to be a distant memory.

I received an email from a client at 11pm she was still in the office (she arrived at 7am) and would be back at 7am the following morning.  She has two children who she feels spend more time with the babysitter than they do with her.  But she is building her career in a profession that expects that kind of commitment.  Whilst she loves her work, she is really concerned about missing time with her children as well.  So why does she do it?  She feels she has no choice, she needs to provide for her family, and the hope of a large salary and less hours at some point in the future keeps her going.

This is a common story, not only from people on salaries, but business owners as well.  We seem to be prepared and feel we need to work long hours for some financial goal in the future. Continue reading