Are you Keeping up with the Joneses?

Conspicuous spending or Keeping up with the Joneses and using money as a status symbol used to be thought of as the prerogative of the rich and famous, well not anymore.


Why do we feel the need to keep up with the Jones?  I see it frequently with clients when I am mentoring them. “We couldn’t possibly cancel the holiday, it wouldn’t look good”.  So what!  What is more important looking good or staying afloat financially? Well, it seems for many people it is looking good.

I have just finished reading a novel, The Deaths, by Mark Lawson, there are a number of really great one liners (no I won’t spoil the plot by telling you this one), it is my favourite: Continue reading

What makes us happy? (Read Time 1:35)

So, ‘what makes us happy?’  The World Happiness Report has been released by the United Nations and it makes very interesting reading – quite happy reading actually!


As Kiwis, we are among the happiest people in the world, which is really good to know, particularly as I am one!!

I decided to do my own ‘household happiness report’, so I asked our 24 yr old daughter if she was happy.  I got an emphatic, “Yes”, so I asked her, “what makes you happy’?”  This was her list:

  1. Having good friends,
  2. A job she enjoys,
  3. Family that she gets on with and
  4. Being able to go away for weekends and catch up with friends who live out of town.

We were on a roll, so I asked one more question, “If you had more money, would it make you happier?”

The answer to this question required a bit more thought.  “Maybe.  More money to spend means I could do more.  I can manage on what I earn, but if I was offered a pay rise, I wouldn’t say no.”  Happiness = reality – expectations.

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