It’s a New Year, let’s get serious and find a mentor

Setting goals for the New Year is great, but if you really want to get serious and achieve them then you need help from a coach, mentor or accountability partner

campsite compressAfter the excesses of Christmas and a week of relaxation at the beach camping, the last thing I wanted to do on the first day back at home was get up early and head to the gym. Let’s face it, I am still in holiday mode. The sun is shining, most of my clients are still on holiday and there is nothing pressing on the ‘to do’ list so why not chill out, relax; the gym will still be there next week.

Does this sound like you after a break away from home?

So why did I leap out of bed and head to the gym and push my reluctant body to do a weights workout and some cardio?  Well, in two days time I had a session with my personal trainer.  He always kicks my butt and pushes me to my limits and I know if I don’t get a couple of days of training in first it’s going to be tougher than usual. Continue reading