Supermarket shopping: Is what we put in our trolley good for our wallet and our waistline?

I love the weekly trip to the supermarket: I have the list ready, I know what I want and generally I can power shop and be in and out in about 35 minutes.  Doesn’t everyone shop like this?  Well it appears not.

shopping trolley (1)

Last week when I did the usual 30 minute supermarket dash, the check out operator commented on how healthy the contents of my trolley was.  I was a bit surprised, there was a bottle of wine and a bar of chocolate, as well as the other necessities of life, milk, eggs butter and so on.

So this week I thought I would pay a bit more attention to my fellow shopper’s trolleys and their shopping behaviour.

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Where Does Your Money Go?

I know where this woman’s went!


After the gym this morning I filled up with petrol at a service station, while waiting  in line to pay, the woman in front of me was buying lunch for her two teenage daughters.  She hadn’t bought any petrol, so presumably she came in specifically for a coffee and the lunches.

The price tag $38.80…..

And people wonder where their money goes!! Lynda Moore