It’s a New Year, let’s get serious and find a mentor

Setting goals for the New Year is great, but if you really want to get serious and achieve them then you need help from a coach, mentor or accountability partner

campsite compressAfter the excesses of Christmas and a week of relaxation at the beach camping, the last thing I wanted to do on the first day back at home was get up early and head to the gym. Let’s face it, I am still in holiday mode. The sun is shining, most of my clients are still on holiday and there is nothing pressing on the ‘to do’ list so why not chill out, relax; the gym will still be there next week.

Does this sound like you after a break away from home?

So why did I leap out of bed and head to the gym and push my reluctant body to do a weights workout and some cardio?  Well, in two days time I had a session with my personal trainer.  He always kicks my butt and pushes me to my limits and I know if I don’t get a couple of days of training in first it’s going to be tougher than usual. Continue reading

What is your Financial Front line?

Every time I go the gym, I see the sign ‘Welcome to the Front line’, it is pretty clear that as you enter the doors you are there for a purpose, to lift weights,  exercise and get fit.

gym photo

But….. what  is the front line for our finances?  What needs to happen to give us the same feeling of financial purpose?  To exercise our financial muscles and take a long hard look at where we are now and where we want to go?

I was at a network event recently, and a financial planner made a really interesting point.  Kiwi’s (New Zealanders) are high up the ladder in financial literacy, in other words we know what we should be doing.  But we are way down the ladder in taking action and implementing compared to other countries. Continue reading

Wasting Money? Money Week Could be for You.

Whilst Money Week is a great initiative to build awareness around financial literacy, money management and investment, is it really going to reach those people who need it most?

hand, dustpan, money

Are you wondering where your money is disappearing?  Well this week is Money Week, with some great opportunities to lean more about managing your money.  There are workshops, seminars and plenty of other financial resources that are going to help you learn how to improve your financial literacy.

However, it is quite likely that the majority of people who are going to attend events aren’t the ones that actually need to be there.

It’s like anything in life we want to change, if we aren’t committed and clear that we actually want to make change, then we aren’t going to.  We might have friends and family around us saying we need to change our financial behaviour, but until you actually own that ‘Need’ and it becomes a clearly defined ‘Want’, you are going to do a big fat nothing!

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Children and Money: To Teach or Not to Teach…

Financial literacy for children is a hot topic.  Start them young so they learn to save not spend, is one school of thought.  But what if as a parent you are struggling with your own financial literacy can you be a positive role model?

money box

Children and money is always a very interesting topic of conversation.

The question of what to teach children about money and when to start is something I am asked quite frequently in my role as a money mentor.

I really like Rob Stocks article Cents and Financial Sensibility , his 10 point checklist, whilst somewhat tongue in cheek, does have a few gems in it.

Teaching your children financial literacy should go hand in hand with their understanding of maths. There is no point trying to teach the value of $20 or what you can buy with it if the child can only count to 10.

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