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An accountant who has post-grad qualifications in psychology and an engineer who’s also a marketeer… surprised?  Not as much as you will be by the results we have already achieved.  We started Money Mentalist with the aim of helping people achieve their financial goals using proven methods.  Learn more about our founders:

Lynda Moore

Objective & Perceptive

Money Mentalist

Lynda is a co-founder of Money Mentalist and accountant with more than 20 years in practice, who also has post-graduate training in psychology and has studied money psychology under Prof David Krueger MD (Houston).  She brings unique business abilities and an in-depth financial professional background to her integration of psychology and neuroscience with Mentor Coaching.

She is the only certified New Money Story® Mentor licensed to practice in New Zealand and Australia. Lynda’s passion is helping people achieve their personal and business goals by teaching them to understand the link between their ‘money mind-set’ and the way they manage and grow their wealth.

“Many of our clients have a clear idea of what they want to achieve in life, but are held back by the way they or their partner, approach finances. Using my skills in accounting and my training in psychology, we created the Fire-up Your Money programmes to help clients work through their individual obstacles and find financial success.”

Simon Lempriere

Precise & Creative


Money MentalistSimon, co-founder of Money Mentalist, has a background that includes positions as a senior engineer, a marketer and director with multi-national technology corporations and is a widely regarded expert in the arena of raising capital for R&D and Business Development. This gives him a valuable insight for clients merging emotive, financial and commercial goals.

After working for well respected organisations like Spandex Plc (a Gerber Scientific Inc. company), where he was a Director Asia Pacific Group and Regional Manager South East Asia for Gerber Scientific Inc., Simon now utilises his personal skills and corporate training to use with private clients.

The combination of his own experience in corporate life, as a successful consultant plus his expert network means Simon provides a very powerful advisory and implementation service for his clients on their growth ambitions.


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