Gender Roles are Alive and Well When it Comes to Money!

gender roles

It’s your first date, you have had a lovely meal and the bill arrives. What happens next?

According to a survey by Nerdwallet in 2014 (1,000 respondents in the USA who are in a relationship) 77.4% believe that the man should pick up the tab.  It looks as though traditional gender roles when it comes to money are alive.

Both men and women think this, but men are a little more likely to think this way.

You survived the first date and the relationship moves forward.  The trend as to who pays for the dates does change a little.

On average 40% of couples are now splitting the bill or taking turns paying.  For 60% of the women, their partner is still picking up the tab.  Men report a similar trend with 56% reporting they are still paying.

What happens when the relationship becomes serious and you are living together?  Who is paying the household bills?

The same Nerdwallet survey showed that 36% of men and only 14% of women are paying all of the household bills.  A little more than 1/3 split the bills.

Nerdwallet isn’t alone, there are numerous other surveys that are showing the same results.

While women are becoming stronger economically and are earning more in the workforce, it seems in the home the traditional gender roles are taking longer to break down.

The other, alarming find from this survey was the amount of financial infidelity that is going on.  More than a third of men and women have hidden cash from their partner, and one in four secretly spend money.

The amount of spending or cash hidden away wasn’t specified but this is still a concerning trend, particularly as money is one of the top reasons for relationships breaking down.

Reverting to traditional gender roles to look after your household finances isn’t necessarily a bad thing, so long as you’ve had a ‘the money talk’ and you both agree on the roles.

Communication and a shared financial vision for the future is a very important part of any relationship, romantic or otherwise.  If you don’t build these into your relationship it will be more difficult to break down these typical gender roles.

Have a look at your own relationship.  Are you conforming to the gender roles or are you the exception?

If you want to get some financial balance in your relationship and aren’t quite sure how to go about it, then come and talk to us.  We can help you work through the process of opening the lines of communication and setting some clear goals for your future.

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