It’s a New Year, let’s get serious and find a mentor

Setting goals for the New Year is great, but if you really want to get serious and achieve them then you need help from a coach, mentor or accountability partner

campsite compressAfter the excesses of Christmas and a week of relaxation at the beach camping, the last thing I wanted to do on the first day back at home was get up early and head to the gym. Let’s face it, I am still in holiday mode. The sun is shining, most of my clients are still on holiday and there is nothing pressing on the ‘to do’ list so why not chill out, relax; the gym will still be there next week.

Does this sound like you after a break away from home?

So why did I leap out of bed and head to the gym and push my reluctant body to do a weights workout and some cardio?  Well, in two days time I had a session with my personal trainer.  He always kicks my butt and pushes me to my limits and I know if I don’t get a couple of days of training in first it’s going to be tougher than usual.

I am not telling you this story to get you motivated to go to the gym (but hey, if that is what you get out of this blog; great), the point is, if I didn’t have my personal trainer, I would have procrastinated on returning to the gym and it would have been harder and harder to get back into my exercise regime and achieve my fitness goals for the year.

Prior to Xmas I had made the appointment with my trainer to keep my New Year goals front of mind.  I didn’t want to blow a year’s hard work and effort over the Christmas break and a week at the beach.  So I still did some exercise just not as strenuous as usual.

It doesn’t matter what it is you want to commit to, losing weight, getting fit, improving your business or your personal financial situation.  I don’t believe you can do it on your own.  You need a mentor, coach or accountability partner to help keep you on track; motivate you when you feel a bit flat, pick you up and dust you off when things don’t go so well and share the celebration with you when you succeed.

Where do you find people to help you?  Depending on what you goal is you might use a professional and pay them as I do my personal trainer.  My accountability partner for my business is a good friend also in business we have teamed up to keep each other accountable to our goals. There are also the mentors that you may never meet.  Simply reading and  following people you admire and can relate to via books,  online newsletters, webinars and blogs can also work really well.  For  example I consider Darren Hardy, Brendon Burchard and Alan Weiss mentors.

So get your goals for the year underway (if you haven’t already) and then go through your network and see who can help you achieve them> Don’t be scared to ask someone to mentor or coach you, most people consider it an honour to be asked.


4 thoughts on “It’s a New Year, let’s get serious and find a mentor

  1. It is always good to have a mentor who is not emotionally involved in the decisions you make or have made. Someone who wants the best for you, that understands where you want to be and can help guide you. There is nothing like a PT or coach, where you know they are going to ask you if you have done your homework, the things you committed to doing, even if fear of having to say “No I didn’t” is the reason. The bottom line is that you committed to doing things that are going to help you achieve your goals, but it is really easy at this time of year to brush those aside for a little while. To a degree in fact you should. I spent my 2 weeks of summer holiday doing almost nothing and that was really important because I worked so hard during the year, I really needed the break. That resulted in some blogfade, but rejuvenating your energy is just as important. It brings new perspectives and energy to start off the new year.

    Then it is time to start planning and a coach or trainer can help you focus on what really matters, what you want to achieve and what you need to do to achieve those things. What’s more, its about creating momentum that gets you past January. Gyms are a great example of the syndrome of good intentions. If you bought a gym in December and sold it in February based on increased business, you would make a lot of money. So many people join in January/February, pay for the year to make sure they keep going, then by March April, the 3-4 days a week is 1-2 days a week and in May June you’re thinking, I should get back into going to the gym again, but its hard to find the time. Of course if you are you paying a PT or coach, they will make sure that you keep up the good habits and are staying on track with your goals.

    So readers of this excellent blog. Have you done your homework? Have you started your plan for the year? Do you have a mentor that is qualified to help you? It doesn’t have to be a professional coach, but they do need to have experience. It could be a friend or a business associate, but everyone needs a little help and guidance from the person who cleans the tables in the food court to the President of the USA.


  2. This is all true. It is hard to stay on course, or objectively tell if you’re on course, acting on your own. I’ve had a diet/exercise partner in the past and it helped greatly, even though we were not that close–in fact, I think the fact we were not close friends was even better for the process. I’m going to reread this, then sit down and re-evaluate my goals…and see exactly where I can bring in an outside source to assist in making goals reality. Thanks for sharing!


    • Thanks for you comment, glad it struck a chord with you. If we try to rely on our own willpower and motivation it is really hard to keep going when the ‘going gets tough’ so depending on what I am trying to achieve will depend on who I have as my mentor/coach or accountability partner. I know myself well enough to know that without that support I will get distracted and not achieve my goal.


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