Christmas is over for another year.

Christmas is over for another year, and what a day it was!!

There was no shortage of gifts, food, family and plenty of laughter we all had a great time.

The wrapping papercompress

Now it’s Boxing Day and we have a mountain of packaging from the Xmas gifts to be disposed of.  The fridge is full of left over’s (at least I won’t have to cook for a couple of days) I think we overindulged in both gifts and food as usual.

The Boxing Day sales have started and the shopping malls are packed to capacity causing traffic jams and car park rage.

Going shopping is the last thing I want to do the day after Xmas.  So why do so many people do it?  Is it the lure of a bargain? Or just something to do to fill in the day.

Unless you have a plan and are looking for something specific the sales are just another enticement to overspend and buy more ‘stuff’ that you probably don’t need, and may not be able to afford.

Add that to the money already spent for Christmas gifts and you may well find yourself with an unwelcome credit card statement in a couple of weeks.

How are you going to deal with that?  Well, you could do what approximately 20,000 Kiwis do and sell unwanted Christmas gifts on sites like Trademe and Ebay.

You could try and return any impulse buys and get your money back (not quite as easy as many stores will just give you a credit rather than cash).

Or you could knuckle under, and pay the price of overindulgence and go on a shopping diet, sacrifice the daily coffee (and a few other things) to pay off the credit card.

Next year give the sales a miss and go to the beach instead.


One thought on “Christmas is over for another year.

  1. I just drove through Albany Mall for a quick visit to the supermarket and it would seem that anyone that isn’t leaving town for their summer holiday is at the mall. I suspect this will have been great for the retailers who need the cash flow and stock turn, but I have a couple of questions.
    1. When retailers are selling product at up to 60% off, were the prices artificially inflated to start with or are they genuine attempts to quit slow moving stock? The answer is probably a bit of both. The law does require that products must been available for sale at the higher price first or it is not legitimately a sale, but that can be easily gamed without breaking any laws, and frequently is.
    2. If you can get something at bargain basement prices, but you actually didn’t need it, is it really a good deal?


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