Does our perception of what makes us happy change?

I read with interest Deborah Hill Cone’s article in the NZ Herald about her change in perception towards wealth and happiness.

QueenstownMaybe it is an age thing.  The more mature we get the more important other parts of our life like health and friendships become not just the size of our bank account.

We have just come back from a fantastic weekend in Queenstown (bit of a tourist plug here).  For the last four years, we have an annual gathering with some of Simon’s friends from Wellington College. The boys’s boarded at Firth House from the 3rd to the 7th form. Most of them lost contact with each other for over 38 years;  it was only the official school reunion that brought the group back to together, and we have been meeting ever since.

What I find interesting (like the rest of the wives) is the way the threads of their friendship was so easily picked up, it was as if only a year had passed. Yes, they still think  they are teenagers when they get together.

What is even more interesting, in the context of Deborah’s article, is that no one was bragging or really that interested in about what they had achieved in terms of business success or assets acquired.  It was all about friends, family, plans for the future, having time to smell the roses and enjoy life.  Don’t get me wrong, everyone in the group is still working on and in their chosen business or profession but it isn’t money that is driving them; it’s the enjoyment of what they do.

An interesting comment was made at the second reunion which I feel is worth a mention.  One of “boy’s” said ‘Isn’t is great we didn’t catch up in our 30’s, then our conversations would have been all about how much money we were making and where our careers are heading, now it’s all about what we enjoy about life.’

So yes, I think our perceptions about happiness and wealth do change as we mature, as we learn more about life and what makes us tick.

Thanks Deborah for a great article.


2 thoughts on “Does our perception of what makes us happy change?

  1. Nice blog, which I can relate to. Money is an enabler, but when it comes right down to it, its relationships with people that make you rich. I love how you can catch up with old friends that you haven’t seen in years and those years just evaporate.


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