One thought on “It’s easy to get ahead financially, just spend less than you earn… Yeah Right!

  1. I always had to work for my money. I started at 7 or 8 selling lemonade from the letter box, then a paper run after school on my second hand bike (the chain used to often come off going downhill, but I loved the motorbike-like sound when the Auckland Star bag rubbed against the bike wheel spokes). As soon as I was 15 I got school holiday jobs. I kept envelopes for all the things I wanted and put a little bit into each envelope. I learned delayed gratification and appreciated what I was able to buy. Today it is all about buy no and pay later and I’ve heard debt collectors say that people will sooner buy a new TV than pay the power bill. Not much use having the big screen TV if your power is disconnected.

    Whatever happened to software programs like Microsoft Money? They were really good with graphs and information on where your money was going. I’m sure I felt happier knowing I’d saved up to buy something than I would knowing I had a growing debt and by the time the product was paid for it would be out of date.


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