Wasting Money? Money Week Could be for You.

Whilst Money Week is a great initiative to build awareness around financial literacy, money management and investment, is it really going to reach those people who need it most?

hand, dustpan, money

Are you wondering where your money is disappearing?  Well this week is Money Week, with some great opportunities to lean more about managing your money.  There are workshops, seminars and plenty of other financial resources that are going to help you learn how to improve your financial literacy.

However, it is quite likely that the majority of people who are going to attend events aren’t the ones that actually need to be there.

It’s like anything in life we want to change, if we aren’t committed and clear that we actually want to make change, then we aren’t going to.  We might have friends and family around us saying we need to change our financial behaviour, but until you actually own that ‘Need’ and it becomes a clearly defined ‘Want’, you are going to do a big fat nothing!

I was at the gym this morning, on the treadmill, minding my own business, listening to all the chatter, you know, as you do… when I happened to overhear a conversation of a fellow jogger.  The lady one side of me was telling her neighbouring jogger how she had lost 35kg and she was still losing weight.

What a fantastic result I thought to myself.  She carried on by saying how determined she was to keep the weight off, and that she had always been a very fit and active person but the weight had just crept up on her.

What was so interesting to me about this conversation was that it took gaining at least 35kg before losing the weight became something she really wanted to do.

Changing your money behaviour is exactly the same; there will come a point when you want to commit to change.  This may be due to an event in your life, or just that niggle in the back of your mind that just won’t go away.

Make the most of Money Week, attend some events, gather some information, but just remember, you can only initiate change yourself.  You can’t make someone else change no matter how much you want them to.

http://www.mymoneyseeker.com  Lynda Moore


3 thoughts on “Wasting Money? Money Week Could be for You.

  1. Great blog, isn’t it so common that we are preaching to the converted. Sometimes we have to swim against the current. Many years ago I had a client who sold software to Pharmacies. I once saw him exhibiting at a Pharmacy Expo. he was the only exhibitor at the expo that sold software, every other company sold gift-ware or drugs. He did brilliantly. There’s a lesson in that. He started his company at least 20 years ago and is still going strong.


  2. If the average person just understood the concepts of “want” and “need”, imagine how differently our government, economy and future would be! Keep up the great work with your upcoming articles!


  3. We are all very good at rationalising and justifying to ourselves that wants are really needs, once we understand the difference and are clear on what is important to us, the process of changing our behaviour becomes easier


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