Why can’t I stick to my Budget?

A few pointers about sticking to a budget.

There are a few reasons why budgets are difficult to stick to.  It may be that you have been too restrictive on yourself.  Think of it like a diet.  If you tell yourself you are never going to eat chocolate again so you can lose weight, you are going to crave chocolate and probably fall off the diet wagon. 


It is the same with a budget, if you cut some type of expense out completely it may be completely unreasonable long term to manage, so the budget gets too hard and you walk away.

Or, it could be that your budget just isn’t right.  This means you have allocated your income incorrectly to your expenses.  You won’t get your budget right the first time you put it in place.  It is perfectly fine to go back and review your budget and change it if you have got something wrong.

If you and your family haven’t ‘bought into’ the budget then it won’t happen.  Be really clear about why you are budgeting, is it because you want to save for something specific, or is it to make the ends meet?  Whatever the reason make sure it is clearly understood by everyone.

Don’t do it alone, have an accountability partner, someone who can keep you on track when the going gets tough, and can help keep you motivated and remind you of the goal that you are working towards

Finally, don’t think of it as a budget, this is a lifestyle choice that you are making and it will over time become just how you manage your money.

ACTION:  If you have fallen off the budget wagon or are struggling to stay on track have a look at why, revise the budget and start again.

Watch Lynda Moore explain more on the video right here

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