We use Money in Many Different Ways to Communicate

Can you think of ways you use money to communicate?


We use money as a communication tool.  One of the ways we use it to communicate is as a self statement.


We use money as a self statement and even though we may not realise it, every day we are telling a story about ourselves using money that is visible for everyone else to see.We all have self statements, these are what we say to our self about ourselves, these can be positive (“I’m a good person”) or negative (“I’m a loser”).

We may want to be conspicuous and flaunt our money to convince ourselves and others that we are successful.

We can spend to keep up with the Jones’s to show we are just as affluent as our friends and neighbours.

These behaviours have nothing to do with actual money but are more to do with what we are saying about ourselves.

Spending like this can be harmless, but there is always the danger of your spending getting out of control.

Becoming aware of your reason for spending helps you understand and change those spending patterns.

Watch our video as lynda Moore explains how we communicate with money

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